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Strymon bluesky
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Uitgebreid reverb slagschip van Strymon voor gitaar en Synth
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Strymon bluesky

Lush, Majestic Reverbs. Insane DSP Power.

The philosophy behind our blueSky Reverberator is simple—take a ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP and dedicate it to doing one thing only: producing the most lush, majestic and stunning reverbs ever. Many hours and sleepless nights in the Strymon sound design labs were devoted to developing the complex reverb algorithms found inside blueSky. We squeezed every last drop of processing power available.

Prepare for Reverb Bliss.

Whether you’re a classic spring reverb fan or a studio rack aficionado, you’ll find your mojo here. blueSky provides three different reverb types, each with three modes, for a total of nine completely unique reverb experiences. blueSky even delivers an extremely versatile plate reverb, a rarity for a stompbox pedal. A full pre-delay and damping section provide deep reverb tone shaping. Add the mod and shimmer modes and you’re in store for unending reverb bliss. Couple that with 24-bit 96kHz converters and 115dB typical signal to noise, blueSky is equally at home on top of a studio console as it is in front of a tube amp.

Effectpedaal voor Elektrische Gitaar en synth

  • Reverb
  • 3 Selecteerbare reverb-types
  • 3 Modi
  • Inclusief modulatie- en shimmer-effecten
  • De favoriete instelling kan worden opgeslagen op de favorite-knop en onafhankelijk van de controllerposities worden opgeroepen
  • True bypass
  • Controls: decay, mix, low-cut, high-cut, pre-delay
  • Schakelaar: mode, type
  • LED: 2x effect on
  • Voetschakelaar: "Favorite" On/Off, Bypass On/Off
  • True bypass
  • Stroomverbruik: 250 mA
  • Stroomvoorziening via een 9 V DC-netadapter (bij de levering inbegrepen)
  • Afmetingen (B x D x H): 102 x 114 x 44 mm
  • Incl. 9V DC-netvoeding
  • Made in the USA

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