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20-4-2008Heptaverton Surround
Heptaverton Surround
[posted: 20-4-2008 0:57 ]

Heptaverton Surround® is an innovative new sound format based on the theoretical possibility to completely recreate any sound environment.

Heptaverton means seven points, connections (vertices). The format is based on 6 speakers equally distributed over a 360 degree circle around the listener (the seventh point). The principal is that the product in the centre, at the seventh point, the listener, is more than the sum of the six surrounding points (the sound production of the individual speakers).

I am developing the Heptaverton Surround format since 2004. A prototype sound system that tranfers any stereo or 5.1 recording to Heptaverton Surround is available for demonstration. At this moment I am investigating how to put the technology in the market and could use some help on this. If you are interested, contact me.

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