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14-9-2007Professional evaluation of the Heptaverton surround System by Onno Scholze
23-7-2007Evaluation of the Heptaverton Surround system by Kirill Prokrovsky
Professional evaluation of the Heptaverton surround System by Onno Scholze
[posted: 14-9-2007 22:15 ]
A few weeks ago I contacted "Onno Scholtze" a Dutch recording specialist. I explained him the working principle of my "Heptaverton Surround" system and he was very interested to listen to it. Up to now the system never left the room in which I build it. all the test's and evaluations where done in this room. Mr. Scholtze offered me the possibility to test the system in a professional Dead Room (a sound studio, room without any acoustical interference). Today, me and Eric, a friend of mine took the system to this studio in Hilversum for Mr. Scholtze to evaluate it. After setting up the system and some explanation Onno thought it was best for him to listen to some of his own recordings. Already after a few minutes of listening I noticed that he became very enthusiastic, he was impressed. He noticed that the system had a very critical sweet spot (the spot where the system sounds best) so we placed the speakers a little bit further a part to reduce this effect and listened to some more recordings. Mean while Onno explained to us that he made his recordings with a special small microphone setup he was currently working on and that he was amazed how well the "Heptaverton Surround" system reproduced the sound stage of these relatively simple recordings. This is of course what I was hoping for because the "Heptaverton Surround" system is specially designed to reproduce a realistic three dimensional sound stage in a simple manner.

I thank Mr. scholtze for his professional oppinion. The least I could do was to take both Mr. Scholze and Eric out for a diner.

Evaluation of the Heptaverton Surround system by Kirill Prokrovsky
[posted: 23-7-2007 22:1 ]
Today had a visit of a Russian musician, living in Belgium named Kirill Prokrovsky. He was in town to visit the "Tilburgse Kermis" one of the biggest and for sure the nicest fancy fairs of Europe. After Talking a little bit about our musical ideas I gave him a demonstration of the "Heptaverton Surround" system. We downloaded his own music from the net (the soundtrack of Devine Devinity) and listened to that. He was really amazed by the sound quality of the system. He told me he did al the work on the divine divinity soundtrack including the final mixing him self and heard it 100.000 times but never heard it as good as this. After listening to some other tracks from classical to hard rock he concluded: With Heptaverton Surround, the music wraps around you creating your own psycho acoustic sound environment completely different than the standard systems and tricks like Dolby Digital 5.1 etc.. I am of course very pleased with his op pinion. I know that sound quality is very subjective but when a composer listens to his own music and states that he have never heard it better I think I'm going in the right direction.
Kirill Prokrovsky
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