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19-10-2007What is Ftec-Audio and who is Eef Fonken
What is Ftec-Audio and who is Eef Fonken
[posted: 19-10-2007 ]
Ftec-Audio is my personel web space where I want to present my creative audio related ideas.


I see my self as a technology artist. After my technology aducation ended with a degree in technical computer sience, i worked for 9 years with two companies. The first 3 years for Ericson Telecommunication and the last 6 for a gaming (slot machine) company. The main ability that was appreciated in me by my colegues and superiors was the way i came up with creative ideas and the time it took me to realise them. After the 9 years i started in 1993 my own company "Ftec", a computer shop. In 1995 I started a second company "Cybergate cafe" one of the first gaming cafe's in the world. After a few years i discoverd that my real strength is in developing and not in managing and marketing. In 2007 I handed over the ownership of the cafe to one of my employee's and started realising my ideas.

On This site you will find information of the projects i am working on. Next to these projects I also stay responsible for "Ftec-Shop".

Eef Fonken

[posted: 7-11-2007 ]

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