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22-11-2011Formant Classic Advanced 1.0 Released
30-10-2011Artikel in Interface magazine
28-8-2010Formant Classic 1.1 Freeware version
8-5-2010New Tiny Midi Rotary PCB Boards
21-10-2009Finaly released version 1.1 of the HV-Formant
5-5-2008HV-Formant classified as official Synthmaker Example plugin
18-4-2008Elektor artikel published
27-2-2008Elektor Electronic magazine
9-2-2008Added a small guestbook to the site
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Formant Classic Advanced 1.0 Released
[posted: 22-11-2011 11:50 ]
The "Formant Classic Advanced" is as the name indicates an extended version of the "Formant Classic" that I released in 2010 as a Freeware soft synth.

The orignal "Formant" is a Semi Modular Analog Subtractive synthesizer design by C. Chapman. It was published as a do it youre self (DIY) building project in electronics magazine Elektor in 1977/78. As a tribute to this great synth design I developed the first "Formant Classic" in 2008 as an Open Source project. In 2010 I decided to finish the project my self and to release the "Formant Classic" as a Freeware soft synth.

Physical Modular synthesizers as the "Elektor Formant" are verywell suited to be expanded to very large machines with numerous original and/or custom designed modules. These machines are mainly used to compose experimental electronic music.

I Took it upon me to develop some new creative modules for the "Formant Classic" and release them under the not so creative name "Formant Classic Advanced" as a Donationware VSTi plugin or standalone software synthesizer for windows based computers.

Artikel in Interface magazine
[posted: 30-10-2011 14:56 ]
It was a big suprise for me to see that the Dutch Magazine "Interface" published an artikel about the "Formant Classic" soft synth in their November 2011 issue.

I released the "Formant Classic" in august 2010 and in the meanwhile I have been redeveloping this synth. The artikel however came a little bit to soon to mention about the new upcomming version. So I inform you about this through this artikel.

Formant Classic Advanced
In the "Formant classic advanced" I added some new non formant modules and improved the classic modules. An other feature I worked on (with blood sweat an tears) is a 100% automatic vst host syncing capability. This enables you to sync arpegiator, sequencer and LFO's to the host tempo and song position.

New non "Formant" modules

  • 3 Mix Modules To combine modulation and/or audio signals and use them as new modulations.
  • 1 Effect module with Chorus/Flanger, Ring Modulator, Synced Stereo Cross Delay and Reverb.
  • a 32 cell polyphonic sequencer with seperate Pitch, Gate and Modulation strips
  • a polyphonic Arpegiator that can use sequencer cells for special arpegiations.
New,Improved "Formant" Modules
  • 1 COM module for bass, middle and trebble adjustment plus extra distortion.
  • New 6,12,18,24dB LP/HP filter conform the original formant design
  • Better ballanced RFM module with softclip for special destortions
  • 1 S&H and Ring Modulater Module
Formant Classic 1.1 Freeware version
[posted: 28-8-2010 13:35 ]
I started the Formant Classic Project in 2008 as a tribute to the Legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Youre self) Synthesizer. The idea was that everybody who was interested could download the source code to participate in the development of the replica of this synth.

Although the source code is downloaded many times, I did not get much feedback and decided to finalizse the design my self. The result is a freeware version of this program that you can download and use free of charge. Both a standalone .EXE and a .DLL VSTi plugin version are included in the package.

Formant Classic
New Tiny Midi Rotary PCB Boards
[posted: 8-5-2010 16:12 ]
TMR prototype Today ordered the new TMR (Tiny Midi Rotary) PCB boards. I am designing the Tiny Midi Rotary to be a basic control module based around a "Micro Chip" PIC 18F452 micro processor, an Electronic Assembly DOGM162x LCD module and a ALPS or BOURNS rotary encoder. In the new design It is possible to add an Infra Red Sensor to the top PCB for remote control.

The design is made up out of two stacked PCB Boards. The bottom board contains the micro processor, a power section, the connector to the outsite world, an ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector, a connection to the top board and Midi in and out connectors. The top board has the 2 x 16 character display, the rotary encoder with button function and of couse the connection to the bottom board. As an option you can equipe the board with an Infra Red Sensor and an extra switch or button.

TMR Project
Finaly released version 1.1 of the HV-Formant
[posted: 21-10-2009 12:47 ]
Finaly after more than a year, i got the means to release version 1.1 of the HV-Formant soft synth. I started the development of the new version around november 2008 and encountered a big problem that caused unacceptable program errors. I soon discovered that the problems where caused by the development program "synthmaker" and not by me. I had to wait for the synthmaker development team to find the problem and solve it. This took until September 2009 when Outsim released version 1.1.3 of Synthmaker.

From September 2009 until a few day's ago I worked fulltime to implement all the new functions and to make new presets that demonstrate the new features.

example 1
With the new improved wave split function and the new Analysis module it is possible to simulate the Saw-Triangle wave of the legendary Minimoog. With the new VCF2 Multi stage filter it is possible to approximate the Minimoog 24dB filter. Listen to the demo: HV-Formant 1.1 mmoog_lead1 preset

example 2
The new voice allocation allows you to hold the voices only to release them by changing the preset or switching from voice hold to voice release. This function enables you to generate constantly evolving soundscapes. The new sequencer mute function enables you to switch on or off the sequencer strips while the sound is playing. Listen to the demo: HV-Formant 1.1 Soundscape preset

example 3
The VCA module now has a Effect (FX) section. You can choose between Distortion, Overdrive or Saturation. Listen to a overdrive demo: HV-Formant 1.1 Black_metal preset

HV-Formant demo version 1.1 is available through the download section.

[posted: 23-11-2008 16:43 ]
A few weeks ago, Denis Meyer from Elektor asked me if I wanted to be a guest speaker at their Elektor Live Event. At this event 1500 visitors got the opportunity to get informed about the activity's of the Elektor Electronic magazine with demonstrations, seminars etc.. (see link below)

In 4 one hour sessions Denis Meyer and I, talked about the history and the future of the Formant Synthesizer. This synthesizer was one of the biggest electronic building projects of the magazine published in 1978/79. I based the "HV-Formant" and the "Formant Classic" software synthesiser on this legendary building project. Denis talked about the history and the importance of the Formant, the way he as a music teacher got interested in electronic music and how many people still have warm feelings about this great project and electronic music making in general. In the second part of the seminar I talked about my experience in building the Formant in the early eighty's and about the new technologies that are available today, that allowed me to rebuild this legendary synth into two software emulated versions.

Based on the interest of the audience and their positive reactions, I feel that there is an enormous interest among people, both young and old to actively participated into new electronic music related DIY projects.

If you are interested or curious, you can download the complete "Formant Classic" (a software version of the original formant) and the tools it was build with from here.

I want to thank the Elektor team and specially Denis Meyer for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas for such a large audience and hope that in the near future new electronic music making projects wil arive.

Elektorlive | Formant Classic | HV-Formant
HV-Formant classified as official Synthmaker Example plugin
[posted: 5-5-2008 13:40 ]
I'm verry glad to anounce that the developers of Synthmaker decided to put the HV-Formant on their Example page as featured plugin of the month. It took me almost a year to develop the HV-Formant synthesizer with the Synthmaker development tool. I see the decision of the Synthmaker development team to put my synth on there site as an example to their development tool as an acknowledgement to my work. Thank you guys.
Synthmaker Examples
Elektor artikel published
[posted: 18-4-2008 13:40 ]
To day received the May issue of the Elektor magazine with my artikel on the "HV-Formant" and the "Formant Classic" project. This is a bit sooner than i expected. The site for the "Formant Classic" project is not yet ready. I expect to have all the major downloads and the forum page available around April 28.
Elektor Electronic magazine
[posted: 27-2-2008 1:40 ]
A few months ago I sent a mail to editorial department of the Dutch issue of the electronic magazine "Elektor" about the HV-Formant softsynth I am developing. I am a member of this magazine since 1976 and in the year 1979 they publisched the FORMANT syntesizer as an electronic DIY (Do It Youre self) project. I have build this synthesizer in the eighties and to my regret took it appart a few years later. It was however such a good design that i used it as a basis for the HV-Formant. I asked them if I could use the name Formant in my project and if they were interested in publishing an artikel about it. Today received a mail in where they ask me to write a short artikel on the subject.

Because the HV-Formant is intended to be a commercial product for musicians I decided to start the "Formant Classic" project as a tribute to the original FORMANT and the Elektor magazine.

Added a small guestbook to the site
[posted: 9-2-2008 2:06 ]
Today added a small guestbook to the site. The forums are stil in preperation and it wil take a wile before they are finished. Let me now what you think of my work or ideas, I will appreciate it.
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