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Date: Nov 28 2011 20:19
Author: TSt
Location: Bln
Interest: exp. contemorary music composition
Congratulations! tip: look into the 2nd Book of Formant-Synthesizer Building, there are several interesting modules too regards TSt
Date: Jan 31 2011 8:51
Author: Ronald Sinda
Location: Germany Bavaria
Interest: Electronic, RF, space crafts, Synthesizer
I Have build the Elektor Formant from 1979 to 1980. It was my first big Project. I was 20 Years old. And he worked absolutly perfect. Now he sleeps in a storage space under the roof 20 Years no. Married with Kits ......... It was to much pain. ;-) Now I am so happy to find this simulation. Thank you very much. I am so enthused. After 20 Years I will start again to use them. (with headphones) Thank you,thank you. Ronald Sinda Germany Bavaria
Date: Feb 21 2009 5:25
Author: TSt
Location: Bln
Interest: exp. contemorary music composition
and greetings from a FORMANT-user (special designed console: 6vco, 4vcf, 16step-seq, rmo, vclfo, adsr-ctrl, s&h etc) I know 2 books (Chapman and Aigner) before I hear and read about FORMANT, my first sources and inspirations came from RFE (the journal in GDR about electronics and engineering)G.Engel and H-J Schultze - electronica that's why I'm build my first module with 709 OPAMPs(A109) but the 24dB vcf was discrete built - this was my free wiring synthesizer, only a wooden plate and a mounted panel ,:) I'm using this (of course the FORMANT, A-100 etc.) and of course other stuff (I program and perform with Max-msp) in exp. and contemporary music area good luck for your further projects and vstis and here my suggestions: designing modules as separate vsti so they can patch, communicate together? yes - MIDI or similar protocols "could" be a solution it should be useful, to design more special modules, like shepard-generator, vierpol-modulator(in Pfitzmann, telekosmos-Velag from the 50's(?) is a shematic) interesting also: strange: electronic music we wait also for EMS-Synthi-100 etc (a hughe project...) regards TSt (Ens. Kunstkopf Bln.)
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