Date: Nov 5 2016 18:33
Author: SawFisch
Location: Germany, Berlin
Interest: Electronic Music Td´s 75-78
I used both Versions of your fantastic Formant VSTs with FL-studio 11 an 12. But now i have to work with Cubase 8.5 Artist (64 bit) under Win 10 64 bit. Unfortunately the Window freezes itselv and stops at all Cubase. Do You have an Idea how i can solve the problem? Or can yu make a new Version of on of this Vsts as an 64 bit VSt Type 3? I would be happy to work again with this INstrument. Of course i will donate the new version(s). Hardi (IN my Youth i build such an Formant in 3 big Cases with electronic Sequencers)
Date: Jul 11 2014 17:40
Author: Laurence
Location: Blackpool UK
Interest: Making Music & Electronics
Hi there, I remember Elector as it was called in the UK in the 70's. I used to get it when I was a teenager at school. I was fascinated by synts, but could not build one until I became an apprentice and could afford to build one. I built the Maplin 3800 based on the ETI 3600 of around the same era. I never got it to work properly, and I still have it 30 years on in my loft waiting for one day when I have the time to sort it. I love the introduction of soft synths, I've dabbled with the Minimoog and ARP2600. I've recently dabbled with your Formant. I think the Formant is a better soft-synth than the others. I will be donating as I now see that you have developed a sequencer for it - Excellent!!! I use a Novation Remote 61sl programmable midi interface with all the soft-synths I use. It has 24 knobs & sliders and 24 buttons. It's a cracking piece of kit once you've sussed it. Takes a lot of learning to use it to it's full potential - I have not got there yet. Keep up the projects!!
Date: Nov 15 2013 19:0
Author: Stu
Location: London UK
Interest: Electronic Music
This is great. I have just come across this site. I built a Formant when I was at university in the 70s. I am RIGHT NOW resurrecting it and putting alongside some Doepfer and Oakley Modules. The Formant modules all need work to get going again. I'm going to start with checking joints aand replacing the capacitors. I look forward to understanding what you have here and moving forward with it. Stu
Answer Great hope you manage to get everything working again, I sadly demolished mine a year after I Build it.
Date: Jul 27 2013 10:37
Author: JX75
Location: Paris
Hello! I loved Formant Classic and I am quite disappointed that there is no noise or random generator module in the advanced version.
Answer Noise is internal generated and can be selected at the terminals. With the sample and hold module you can generate random signal
Date: Feb 23 2013 17:41
Author: juergen
Location: exeter uk
Interest: hardware interface
Is there a chance to make it more real with having real pots and switches, interfacing to the PC via USB or serial port, for setting the pots ( and switches ). Then you could set up a scenario and save it to play without the hardware later - and share. An additional switch could switch between internal and external - this could be on the external only?
Date: Jul 6 2012 15:59
Author: John Kloosterman
Location: Den Haag
Interest: Electronics, Computers and music
I have been following the articles in the magazine (In the Netherlands called "Elektuur"), and was determent to build one myself. However - financially it was not possible at that moment, and by the time I had enough money a lot of the components where no longer available. I really love the "emulator" of this classic. (P.S. - I would like to donate, but unfortunately I do not own a credit card. I do have a pay-pal account, but do not know if that's sufficient). Anyway - good job. Nice to see this old classic still is alive and kicking..
Date: Jun 6 2012 12:30
Author: Technikfreak
Location: Landshut bei München
Interest: Sounds
Ich habe einen Format selbst gebaut
Date: Dec 21 2011 18:35
Author: Xavier
Location: Berne, Switzerland
Interest: VSTI
Thanks! Great job, an amazing sequel! Season's greetings
Date: Dec 13 2011 23:50
Author: William Pont
Location: Anaheim, Calif. USA
Interest: Electronic Music
Very Nice job. I built the Formant when it came out in Elektuur amd it took me over a year to complete. And it was expensive :) Probably the most expensive parts were the HAL transistor and the 4-pin Fairchild voltage regulator :). One comment on the English in the comment form: it is "yourself", not youre self and "your field of interest" :)
Answer Corrected the spelling mistakes. Please don't read the rest of my page :)
Date: Dec 11 2011 17:23
Author: dnode
How would I be able to download/check it out? I am willing to donate ...
Answer Click on the "Downloads" tab on top of the page. Or click here
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